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Cool Your Home & Save Energy

This summer, Dunedin’s homeowners won’t have to choose between keeping their home cool and saving on the electric bill. Today’s innovations make it “no sweat” to enjoy an advanced air-conditioning system at a low cost. These features are created to achieve maximum energy efficiency and comfort. 

You might be surprised that home cooling accounts for nearly half of household energy consumption and for nearly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. With such a considerable amount of money spent on air conditioners every year, here is what you should look for on the next heat pump to start saving. 

Get “Smart” About Home Temperature Control

When it comes to smart temperature control, Fujitsu’s heat pumps offer Smart HVAC Systems and Smart Thermostats. These features give homeowners full access and control of the temperature in their homes.

Smart HVAC Systems 

HVAC Systems have built-in Internet capability and can be controlled directly without additional equipment. The goal of a Smart HVAC System is to let occupants control the temperature of their room or workplace anytime using smartphones or tablets. 

Benefits of this system include the provision of exactly-as-required thermal comfort and, potentially, energy savings. By programming the HVAC support, occupants can easily control specific areas where people are present but prioritise that area when they leave. 

Smart Home Thermostats 

This heat pump’s feature creates “smart” systems by enabling remote temperature control via a mobile or Internet-connected device or voice-operated home automation system. An incredible benefit of Smart Thermostats is that they learn occupants’ routines, and you can essentially forget about needing to reprogram them. Homeowners can set the ideal home temperature for when they wake up, go to sleep, and arrive home, then just live their life.

Several leading manufacturers, including Fujitsu, offer Smart Systems as well as a Thermostat Converter, which can control their single and multizone Halcyon and Airstage heating and cooling systems using a third-party thermostat. 

Heighten Customisation and Convenience 

Let’s take individualised comfort to the next level. The majority of HVAC manufacturers have mobile apps that allow users to control their systems from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. Manufacturers like Fujitsu have free FGLair software that allows Web-based control via mobile devices and voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Voice-control technology now allows users to determine house temperatures via digital assistants orally. You can, for example, use voice commands to determine your home’s optimal temperature: “Alexa, adjust the thermostat in the living room to 70 degrees.” or “Axela, turn off the air conditioner in 1 hour”. 

Heat Pump Control Panel Smart Air conditioning systems allow you to control the temperature any time from your smart devices

Install Ductless mini-split systems and lower power bills 

Air leaking has been a major problem of a heat pump since the 1980s because the joints are never completely sealed. This makes a certain amount of chilled air leak out through the joint when the AC is on, which is a waste of energy and money. It also means the heat pump system must work harder to maintain the temperature.

Ductless mini-split systems are designed to provide you with complete control over the temperature in each room. Therefore, you don’t waste money cooling underused areas like guest bedrooms, extra spaces, sunrooms, and basements. Duct losses in a central AC system can account for more than 30% of your energy use. So, ductless systems are far more efficient than central forced-air systems and window units.

Power Efficiency

The most energy-efficient heating and cooling ductless mini-split system on the market can save you up to 25% on your electricity cost. An energy-efficient thermostat might save you an extra 10% per year. And professional knowledge is essential because a system’s energy efficiency might be reduced by 20% to 40% due to improper installation.

Eliminate Cooling Lost

A duct-sealing service can seal old ducts from the inside with an aerosol coating, which would stop the air from leaking, but it wouldn’t prevent the cooling air from being wasted in unused rooms, the heat pump may still generate chilled air to unnecessary parts of the house. A ductless mini-split system will do a great job keeping the air in a specific room without producing more air into other areas by an air pipeline system.

How do mini-splits work? 

Traditional ducted forced-air systems feature an outdoor compressor or heat pump and an indoor AC or air handler. The external components of ductless mini-split systems are the same. Instead of being connected to a single air handler, the refrigerant lines are connected to each room. Refrigerant is pumped from an exterior compressor directly into an indoor air-handling device, circulated gently throughout the interior space, using thin copper tubing. This removes the need for evaporators in the basement or attic and large, expensive ductwork. Mini-split air conditioners are simple to install, requiring only a 3- to 4-inch hole in a wall or ceiling to connect the inside and outdoor units.


Above are practical tips for Dunedin homeowners before upgrading their heat pumps this summer. Modern technology integration makes Fujitsu the leader in the heat pumps industry. McClelland does provide advisory service in Dunedin to help out with heat pumps decision-making and installments. McClelland cares for your comfort and your family lifestyle!


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