Dunedin is going to be off-the-charts hot this summer. Are you ready for it?

Have you had any heat pump or air conditioner installed in your house? Or are you planning to replace your 10-years old cooling system? This year, the summer is predicted to be hotter than ever, and we want you to be well prepared for it. 

There are plenty of cooling brands and options in the market for you to choose from and you may feel a little overwhelmed if this is the first time you purchase one. Don’t worry too much! We have this comparison guideline that is just right for you.

Why Fujitsu cooling systems?

No two brands are more well-known than Fujitsu and Mitsubishi in the heat pump world. These suppliers are trusted by homeowners and professionals in New Zealand and worldwide. Both companies have been in the industry for long enough to have developed independent innovations in the technology.

So, what makes Fujitsu better than Mitsubishi?

  • Fujitsu heat pumps come with 6 years warranty, slightly longer than Mitsubishi. 
  • Unlike Mitsubishi, Fujitsu invests in delineating their product lines based upon functionality and aesthetics. 
  • Fujitsu Classic series is designed to be efficient and easy to use, while the Lifestyle series is the most energy-efficient. 
  • The design of Fujitsu heat pumps is consistent across its model; therefore, multiple units can match throughout the building. 

Additionally, Fujitsu helps you save power and money when no one is in the room. Their heat pumps will automatically turn off when the space is empty as they have implemented movement sensors. And, there are many more benefits to ensure Fujitsu has the best heat pump options for Kiwis to choose from this summer.

Things you need to consider before getting a heat pump/air conditioner

McClelland offers a great range of Fujitsu cooling systems for you to choose from. Before you start looking at what specific model you are going to get, develop an idea of what would be perfect for you. 

You may want to ask yourself questions like: “What is the purpose for implementing a heat pump?” or “In which space in the room will the air conditioner be implemented?”. These kinds of questions will help you choose the best heat pump model and set it up for specific use reasons. For example, if you don’t want the cooling system to compromise your aesthetic, you should choose a system that can recess into the ceiling. Different Fujitsu systems have different power, suit the whole building or just a single room. Besides, you will also have to consider the size and your budget before purchasing a heat pump. In some cases, the one that you like with cool features may not fit your space. Moreover, a high power heat pump can potentially consume more power, and you will end up paying more on the monthly power bill.

If you are not sure which cooling system to choose, feel free to contact your local expert for advice. These professionals will evaluate your purpose of use, household condition, and temperature condition; thereby, giving you the best options that fit your home.

What are Fujitsu options?

Hi-Wall Heat Pumps

Hi-Wall heat pumps are dominating the industry in recent years. They are affordable, easy to install, and do not take floor space. Fujitsu has developed their Hi-Wall heat pumps into the next efficiency level by implementing the new thermodynamic system, which consumes less power than the previous model. Additionally, they have added the latest technology of human sensors into some models, which give these heat pumps the ability to reduce unnecessary electricity usage.

Dunedin Hi-Wall Heat Pumps

Photo credit: Fujitsu General NZ

McClelland offers over ten Fujitsu Hi-Wall heat pumps with different cooling and heating capacities that fit other customers’ purposes. The cooling capacity of our Fujitsu Hi-wall heat pumps ranges from 2.5kW to 9.2kW, which can fit a 20-metre square room to a 90-metre square office. 


Floor Consoles

Floor consoles are standing on the floor air conditioner that can operate either by remote controls or buttons on them. They are easy to use, install, and are portable. Therefore, you can easily move it around the house and from one room to another, the same with house moving in the future. Fujitsu’s floor consoles have a built-in ionizer that helps eliminate dust, pollution, and other particles. However, a floor console is noisier than a hi-wall heat pump; even it is implemented with a noise-control system.

Dunedin Floor Console Heat Pumps

Photo credit: Fujitsu General NZ

McClelland offers four Fujitsu floor consoles for their customer to choose from. Their cooling capacity range is from 2.6 kW to 7.1 kW, which are suitable for small and medium spaces.


In-Ceiling Cassettes

Like the name, In-Ceiling cassettes are the cooling system implemented in the ceiling. They are the perfect option for those looking to install a heat pump as discreetly as possible. The most significant advantage of this cooling system is it can distribute both warm and cool air evenly through the room and between different rooms in the house. However, the installation and maintenance of this system might be an issue. That means there will be more labour intensive, and it requires professionals to do maintenance.

Dunedin in ceiling Cassette Heat Pumps

Photo credit: Fujitsu General NZ

McClelland offers Fujitsu’s in-ceiling cassettes with a beautiful design that add value to your homes or offices. These cooling systems have a significant cooling capacity of up to 14kW, which can handle four large rooms at a time. McClelland also offers a package of instalment and maintenance by professionals.


Central Heating and Cooling

Central heating and cooling systems control the temperature in a larger home or commercial building from one area to other areas. There are two types of central cooling and heating systems: gas and electric systems. The main advantage of using this cooling system is that they are very economical friendly and help the user reduce their power cost. Instead of having multiple cooling systems in the house, one central cooling system is enough to keep the temperature consistently.

Dunedin Ducted Heat Pumps

Photo credit: Fujitsu General NZ

In the past, a central cooling system was thought to require more power to operate than sources such as in-wall heat pumps or floor consoles. However, Fujitsu has integrated modern technologies which can reduce wasted energy. The system now can automatically turn to save mode when there is no one in the area.


Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning systems are specifically used for commercial purposes like high-wall heat pumps or home air conditioners. It is essential for any commercial office or education space, which helps staff or students stay focused, comfortable, and productive. Fujitsu’s commercial air conditioning systems have been implemented with energy efficiency for maximum savings. These features learn how much air to bring to each building section; therefore, you don’t need to waste time fiddling with the unit.

VRF Indoor Header Cassette Compact

Photo credit: Fujitsu General NZ


McClelland is constantly updating new Fujitsu’s models to provide customers with various options that match their purposes. However, finding the right system for a specific use definition might be tricky. Knowing which types of cooling systems suit your needs and budget is essential. We hope this guideline help you find your desired cooling system for your property this summer. If you want some inspections or advice before purchasing, please feel free to contact our professionals


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