In the produce industry it is essential that your cool stores work well. We provider cool stores and refrigeration equipment for a large number of orchards and produce firms throughout Otago.



Hydrochillers gently bath and chill fresh produce, berries, shellfish and more. Your produce is placed on a conveyor belt and bathed in cold water following in a waterfall motion to effectively reduce produce temperatures.

The hydrochiller you want is completely up to you. Our chiller modules can be either installed on the machine or remotely located. We also custom design systems for special applications. Just ask our friendly experts what a hydrochiller can do for you.


Cool Stores

Cool stores are essential for keeping produce or beverages crisp and fresh. These refrigerated rooms are a cost-efficient way to store large amounts of produce.

Cool store features include:

  • Polyurethane High Density Foam Insulation
  • Panel Vacuumed before polyurethane injected enabling even insulation on each panel.
  • Panels in Sheet Metal with Non Toxic Plastic finishing
  • Aluminium Trim
  • Colour Steel Flashings
  • Doors with key lock and internal safety release
  • Hinged Cool Clad door with heated fascia
  • Sheet Metal Check Plate Floor
  • Central light operated off Door Switch
  • Environmentally friendly Materials

We are based in Dunedin and work throughout Otago.


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