What if you don’t live in Dunedin!

We regularly get phone calls from other city centres. So if you would like a heat pump installed but don’t live in Dunedin, call these guys:   Auckland Electricians Jenco Electrical   Hamilton Heat Pumps Goldstar Heat Pumps   Tauranga Heat Pumps Goldstar Heat Pumps   Christchurch Electricians Skilled Electrical   Timaru heat Pumps Cool…


7 Reasons Fujitsu Heat Pumps are Best for Dunedin Winters

In order to understand why Fujitsu heat Pumps are the best heat pumps for Dunedin and its unique climate, we first need to understand how a heat pump works.

Heat pumps work in the same way your refrigerator does, but in reverse. You may have noticed that the back of your refrigerator is warm. That heat is coming from inside your fridge. An evaporator coil extracts warmth from the air inside, and transfers it out into your kitchen through the condenser coil in the back.

The same things happens with your heat pump.


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Fox Drainage are Auckland based drainlayers and experts at their job. They are fully experienced and qualified to do all types of drainage work across Auckland including residential drainlaying, commercial projects and public works. Their team of experienced tradesmen are all site safe and confined spaces trained. They are registered and certified drainlayers in Auckland…


Recommended – Electrician in Hamilton

Leading Edge Electrical are Master Electrician in Hamilton. Over the past 14 years, our Hamilton-based team of electricians have learnt one thing about electrical work: get it done right the first time. This attitude is what drives our team to complete all electrical work with precision.

Whether you need a home ventilation system, heat transfer systems, commercial electrical services or residential work, you can trust our electricians to get the job done right.


Heat Pumps and Refrigeration Specialist in Timaru

Cool Air Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration specialists located in the heart of Timaru, we serve farms, businesses, residencies and factories throughout South Canterbury. Whether you require heating for a single room, a whole house or an entire building anywhere in South Canterbury, our accredited heat pump installers will find…

Heat Pumps in Dunedin - McClelland

5 Keys for Choosing the Best Heat Pump for those cold winters in Dunedin

Dunedin is popularly known for many things – its renaissance inspired railway station, Toitu Otago’s Settler’s museum, the Otago Penninsula, the Larnach Castle and of course ITS WET COLD WINTERS!!!

If you live, study, work in Dunedin, you are most likely to stay indoors on those cold winter evenings unlike those bustling tourists outside. Unfortunately, many of the houses, especially that were built years back, lack proper insulation and make you feel no different than if you were outside, which makes having a proper heating system or heat pump in place inevitable in your Dunedin home.