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A lot of thought and work goes into installing the right heat pump. Finding the best-priced heat pump in Dunedin, where to put it, who to hire to install it, all these things that run through the mind. It is easy to miss out a couple of mistakes.

But don’t worry. To ensure that you are getting the best out of your appliance, here are five things you might have missed when installing a heat pump.

1. The Environment Matters

When choosing a heating system, it is good to think about the effects on the environment it will be making. That’s one reason many people are choosing heat pumps over traditional heating systems like radiator heaters and wood burners.

Installing a heat pump with over 3-star sustainability ratings is excellent for the environment as they produce around 55% fewer emissions than heat pumps with one-star ratings.

2. Consider the Type of Heat Pump to Use for Your Home

You want a heat pump that suits your house and your type of living. Therefore it is good to think about what kind of heat pump is best suited for you, not just the best one on the market. 

Different heat pump systems can be installed in your Dunedin home. Split systems, multi-split systems, ducted systems, and high-mounted, low-mounted or floor heat pumps.

When choosing a heat pump, make sure it’s one that suits your home or business.

3. Worst Places to Install Your Heat Pump

Once you’ve found the perfect heat pump, it’s time to start thinking about where to put it. The last place you want to put a heat pump is somewhere it can’t work properly. 

You would want to put it in a spacious area with good airflow. Anywhere that blocks the heat pump or causes it to take in too much water can end up damaging it, which is costly. 

4. Is Your House Suitable for a Heat Pump?

When installing your heat pump, it’s good to know about what state your Dunedin house is in. Does your house suffer from electricity issues? Do you frequently get earthquakes? Is your house old?

It’s good to consult a technician before installing a heat pump in your home. Qualified professionals are able to put in special fittings and small upgrades to your house for your heat pump to work as smoothly as possible.

Talk to McClellands, your heat pump professionals, to learn more.

5. Which Power Companies Should You Work With?

It is good to consider what power company you are with when installing a heat pump. Heat pumps are best used when they are turned on most of the day. This can end up being more costly on your power bill. 

Ensure you are with a power company that best suits your financial life. There are multiple ones to choose from and ones that suit working from home life or constantly travelling life. 

In conclusion, installing a heat pump requires careful consideration. Remember these five insider tips:

  • Choose an environmentally-friendly option.
  • Select the right type for your home.
  • Ensure a suitable location.
  • Assess your home’s suitability.
  • Consider your power company.

6. Consider your geographical location

Are you near the Dunedin coastline? Living in Dunedin’s coastal environment presents unique challenges for heat pump owners. The salt air and increased moisture can lead to accelerated corrosion. Which impacts the performance and longevity of heat pump systems. Learn more about what we recommend for maintaining your heat pump in Dunedin’s coastal areas


Following these tips can optimise your heat pump’s performance and efficiency.



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