If your building or workplace has not had seismic restraints installed and you’re not sure how safe your building is during an earthquake, contact Quake Protected today on 0800 537 369.

Quake Protected are specialist installers of non-structural seismic restraints. This means they keep ceilings, air conditioning systems, lights, sprinklers, and everything else that is above your head, safely in place in the event of an earthquake.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Quake Protected today on 0800 537 369.

They are specialists in restraining non-structural elements in commercial buildings.

  1. Suspended Ceilings,
  2. HVAC,
  3. Sprinkler Systems,
  4. Lights,
  5. Speakers,
  6. Furniture.

Or Visit their website https://www.quakeprotected.co.nz/